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The Institute of Public Administration and Extension Services, University of Benin, was established in response to the sound reasoning that in order to achieve substantial improvement of managerial and administrative competence and professionalism in a developing nation like Nigeria, appropriate Institutions are needed for training, education, research, consultancy and development of staff.  It was this idea that led to the establishment of this Institute.  It was created to serve as a management and administrative center of excellence from which administrative and managerial expertise in the health, socio-economic and administrative areas could be made available to the Nigeria public and interest organizations in particular and the African region in general.

The Institute started out in the 1978-79 academic year with the Diploma in Nursing Administration and Management Programmes (DNAM).  In the 1979–80  academic years, it added  the Diploma in Health Administration and Management and the Diploma in Health Statistics both in the Health Management area.  Other programmes being offered are the Postgraduate Diploma in Public Administration (PGDPA), Masters Degree in Health Planning and Management (MHPM) and recently the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Healthcare Administration.


The Institute vision is to remain in the forefront of ensuring best practices in research and the training of administrative and non-clinical personnel for the ever expanding, complex and dynamic public service generally and the health sector in particular.  In achieving this vision and mission, we are guided by certain values. To this end, as a group of academics, non-academic staff and students committed to the best traditions of academic practice, we commit ourselves to be guided by the following set of values:

i.        Commitment: We shall keep the vision and mission of the institute constantly in mind and work hard to uphold the values of the institute at all times.

ii.       Scholarship:  We shall first and foremost be scholars in everything that we do.

iii.      Team spirit:  We shall share information and collaborate in the pursuit and dissemination of knowledge.

iv.      Integrity: We shall conduct ourselves in ways that make us moral exemplars to our students.

v.       Mutual respect: We shall respect different viewpoints, different backgrounds and other human differences as we pursue and disseminate knowledge.

vi.      Creativity and Innovativeness:  We shall seek to be creative and innovative in our programmes and constantly develop ourselves and advance our knowledge.

vii.     Transparency and Accountability: We shall be transparent in everything that we do.  We shall give regular accounts of our activities to each other, our students and the larger community.